Apr 12, 2012


This week's obsessions include:

"Safe & Sound"
Dying over this song. 
Jamie (sis), Hubby and I went last weekend to see 
The Hunger Games and we loved it. 

Missing a little bit, but I loved it. This song has definitely grown on me.
Plus Stafford's been gone all week so sad songs are kind of my playlist this week.
He comes home tomorrow though!!!

Jamie and I have been watching 24 nonstop this week.
As in we finished season 1 in 3 days. 
Way too much TV watching I know. 

Feeding the ducks
Our babies hatched! 
It's weird to go without Stafford, but Jamie loves them too, so we had fun. 

I know- weird.
I am officially a working girl.
I work in the web department in the bookstore at my school.
It is so much fun. I work all day and it's nice because I have time to catch on.
I get to take cute pictures of inventory, edit them and post them on the website.
That photography class my senior year of high school 
is actually paying off!

It's nice to be busy with Stafford gone. Keeps me from being too lonely or sad.
I also have my sweet sister Jamie here and that has been so fun.



  1. How fun to work at the bookstore! It would be cool to see your work...you should link it to your blog sometime! Glad you are surviving without Stash. Hang in there!

    1. Yeah it's super fun! haha I know. The surviving part is rough, but I'm glad he's not permanently on the road- I would die.

  2. Okay, I am SO excited you shared this! I hadn't seen the video yet, and I love me some Taylor Swift, so this just made my day :) haha loving your adorable blog lady!

    1. Yeah T-Swift is my fave. It's a little creepy for her, but I'm LOVING it!

  3. my little brother is so obsessed with tswift. this video is interesting, the combination is super random, but cool. i remember watching at work a few weeks ago and wanting to hear it in the movie, i guess it was in the credits.

    my husband actually works at our campus bookstore as well. haha.


  4. I know! I thought it would be in the actual movie, but oh well. We stayed just to listen to it haha.
    We're twins! lol I love working there. It's been nice.