Apr 14, 2012

April= Birthdays galore.

It's true.
We started off the celebration with Stafford's birthday on the 4th. 
Although he wasn't super excited for it, my family sure was.
Like I said before, we make a big deal out of birthdays-
and since they were in town it was perfect. 
Each of my sisters bought him a present. 

The gifts included:
  • A travel kit from me.
(which was perfect since his internship requires a lot of travel.)
  • 5 pieces of bubble gum each individually wrapped from Lindsay.
(so cute)
  •  A nerf gun- I think from Jamie or the twins..
  • A basketball hoop to hang on the door - from Jenna.
(Thank you for the nice decor Jen.)
  • A nice quilt that compliments the one she made for me from my mom :)
(so sweet)
Overall it was a great day complete with streamers and cake. 
On to the next!
Jamie's birthday is the 15th.
As in tomorrow people! 
It's Sunday, which is kind of lame, and it's the start of a new semester, 
so not every one is moved in yet.
I just want her to have a good day. 

it's my dad's 50th birthday (big deal people) 
on the 23rd.
And finally, 
it's my birthday on the 24th! YAY!!
So.. needless to say April is usually a poor month in my family.
Plus my mom's birthday is May 5th, so it's kind of just a never ending party. 
I'm excited! 


  1. What fun little gifts! The travel kit was an awesome idea! Have a great week!

  2. FUN! I am so glad that you love birthdays. Keep on Staff...the Chattertons helped turn me into a birthday loving fool...you can break a Strong! However Stafford may have to say that he "doesn't like birthdays". Just remind him that you DO love him every day of the year but that you get to celebrate on one BIG day! I'm so glad that you made his birthday special. Thanks for taking such good care of my lil bro.