Jan 16, 2013

Baby Girl's Hospital Bag

Baby Hospital Bag Packing List

After a lot of research I've put together my hospital bag and here's what I'm packing for little McKinlee. Most of it is for fun because I know the hospital provides the necessities.
I've added a few changes since the hospital trip and my notes are in gray :)

1. Blankets: One receiving blanket and one warm blanket for bringing her home. I want a cute receiving blanket to take pictures of her in and in Rexburg at this time of year it's been around 5 degrees out, so I want her to stay warm.
2. Burp cloth: I'm sure she'll be spitting up and I might as well bring it. *Didn't need.
3. Onesies: I'm bringing a couple newborn sizes for her to wear under her pajamas. I've heard the hospital ones are huge, so I wanted to be prepared. *Just used one for under her jammies
4. Going home outfit: My mom bought this cute thing for us when we found out she was a girl and Stafford and I thought it was to die for. I'm bringing some little mittens and a hair bow as well as a hat to match.
5. Pajamas: I'm bringing this to keep her warm at night since they only provide the onesie and blanket. This one has built in mittens and I'm bringing socks to keep her feet warm. I wanted to bring the open bottomed jammies so the nurses can keep poking and prodding and we can change diapers easier. *These jammies are difficult with a newborn. They are so tiny and fragile feeling that it was hard for me to bunch it all up to pull over her head. I had my mom do it :) I think button up ones would be just fine.

I wish I could bring her whole wardrobe to try on her because I just can't wait to dress her up! When I'm looking at all of these clothes I just can't imagine holding such a small baby. What if she falls? What if she wiggles too much? What if I drop her head? I've been around newborns before, but not as the mom! I'm freaking out a little bit, but I'm sure once she's here it will all just work itself out. I'm grateful for my husband and that I'll totally have him for support.

To see what I packed in my bag click here.


  1. I did so much research too!! I literally packed two bags full. Used a lot of it too!! You can never have enough. The only thing I forgot was a warm blanket for baby, so Adam went home & got one!! :)

    1. Haha I'm so glad you said that. I'm an overpacker, but i feel like it's better to be prepared. Plus we live 5 minutes away from the hospital, so I figure it's no big deal.