Jan 16, 2013

What's in my hospital bag?

Hospital Bag Packing List

Hello! So, this is a big week for me. I'm full term and wanting to go into labor any day now, so it's time to get serious and be completely done with baby prep. I decided to finish up the hospital bags and I wanted to share with you :) (I'll probably edit this after baby girl comes and let you know what I actually used haha) My edits are in gray :)

Here's what I put in my bag:

1. Pillow: I've heard their pillows aren't wonderful and if I'm going to be on a bed all day I want to be comfortable.
2. Comfy outfit/pj's: In case I'm feeling up to it, I'd rather be in my own clothes for the second day.  *I loved having my own clothes to change into.
3. Going home sweats: Hubby got these for me for Christmas and they are SUPER comfy. I wanted something that's cute to go home in, but still cozy. *McKinlee was born in winter, but if I had a spring or summer baby, I would consider going home in a cute dress like this.
4. Robe: To cover my booty while walking around in my hospital gown. (Stafford also got this for me for Christmas- He's so cute!) *Next time I think I'll get a thinner one so it doesn't take up so much room.
5. Slippers: I'm not a barefoot-in-the-bathroom girl, so I think these will come in handy. *flip flops or slippers are nice to have for walks around the hospital if you decide to leave your room.
6. Make-up: haha I know this is probably silly, but I know looking back at pictures I'll want some mascara handy. * Definitely loved getting ready the next day. I liked to have all of my stuff there.
7. Shower stuff/toiletries: I know I'll want to shower and I'm going to want my own stuff, so I'm packing it all. I'm also bringing a toothbrush for Stafford to sleepover.
8. Socks: I'm bringing one fuzzy pair and one skinny pair. I don't want my toes to get cold! *I didn't wear socks, but I've heard a lot of people that liked having them.
9. Snacks: It's nice to have food you actually like around. *The gum was the best thing to have handy, but the hospital had lots of snacks so I will leave those behind next time.
10. Entertainment: I'm bringing a couple movies and Phase 10. Some people say there's no time for this and some say you need it, so I figured what the heck.. if it fits, I'll bring it. *We watched a movie the next night, but didn't play any games. My mom brought her ipad and that was nice to have.
11. Sweats for the Hubs: In case he has to come straight from school I know he'll want to be comfy too and I won't want him to leave my side. *He loved having extra clothes ready for him.
12. Camera and video camera: We're bringing extra batteries as well so we'll be prepared.

*I didn't bring my boppy pillow and I'm glad I didn't. There were so many pillows on my bed that I really had no need for it. 

Good Luck!

To see what I packed for baby girl, click here.


  1. so cute! you will love having your own pillow and socks! :) i stayed in the hospital gown the first day, but by the second day I was ready for my own sweats!! (it makes you feel a little more normal and cute :) and sweats for your outfit home is the way to go! (you don't want anything uncomfortable down there...haha) so excited for you!! can't wait to see this little baby of yours!

  2. Hey Kelsi! Your big day is coming up and I'm so excited for you! Awhile ago I was pursuing a blog. She's an awesome crafter and even has her own shop on etsy that she runs out of her home. She's a stay at home mommy and her blog posts are sooooo cute. I saw that you were packing your hospital bag so I just decided to hunt around for this link (since I've read it before and found all the advice reasonable) and now I'm sharing it with you: http://www.e-tells-tales.com/2011/07/if-i-could-repack-our-hospital-bag.html

    Basically it's her blog post about what she would do if she could repack her hospital bag all over again. It might be useful. Good luck and take care!

    1. Ok I totally read this while packing my bag! haha She's funny and I totally loved reading her advice about it all. Thanks for the heads up!