May 24, 2014

Toddler Talk: Transitioning From Formula to Cow Milk

Hi everyone! Sorry for the absence- I got my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday and have just been trying to heal. Can I just tell you how bad I want a sandwich? or the Ben and Jerry's ice cream I bought for myself? I can't have any of it until I can chew a little bit better. My diet currently consists of applesauce and Wendy's frosties. Yum.

Transitioning from Formula to Cow Milk

Unlike myself, McKinlee is a great eater right now. I was only able to breastfeed McKinlee until about 8 months. I never felt like I was producing enough for her, so we supplemented with formula everyday. I have higher hopes for our next baby, but we'll see how it goes. We used formula until right around the time McKinlee turned one. I was a little nervous about going straight to cow milk, but we gave it a go and she couldn't stand it! She kept scratching her tongue like there was a hair on it or something haha! We tried a few more times with no luck. A few Sundays later I was talking to a friend at church that said she put her kids on almond milk right away. I looked into the nutrition side of it a little bit and decided we should try it. I was desperate to get her onto something other than formula just so we could be progressing. We filled up the bottle when she first woke up and BAM. I couldn't take it away from her! YAY!!

Later we switched from original to unsweetened original so it wouldn't be so sugary. The amount of Calcium is double what is in cow milk, so I thought we would be okay in that department. McKinlee is a small small girl, so that made me think about the fat content. After more talking with the hubs we decided to try whole milk again. Still too gross for this little girl. So now we mix the two together. We try to do a little more whole milk to almond milk ratio so she gets a good amount of fat. We just got off of bottles this month as well and we can already tell a big difference in her food intake. HUGE difference! Our doctor also told us to only give her milk with meals and water any other time. This has changed nap time and bed time all for the better. So we're doing well :)

Hint: Grilled cheese and tomato soup on her own? This should have been a shirtless meal followed promptly with bath time.

Did you experience anything like this with your little? I'd love to hear any tips!


  1. It is okay to continue the infant formula, as long as it doesn't contain too many calories for your baby. Cow or toddler milk will be fine also.

    It is okay for her to eat as much or as little solids as she wants. It will vary day by day.

    I have posted some tips here: When To Switch To Toddler Formulas