Apr 3, 2012


Sorry for being MIA lately..

It's finals week.
need I say more?

I'm trying to get as much of my homework done as possible this afternoon because
my family is coming!!

I know what you're thinking..

"Didn't you just go down to Utah last weekend to be with them?"
yes. I did.
But one weekend is not enough.
They're coming up tonight and staying in our cute little townhome for 3ish days.
THEN, my sister Jamie is staying with us until she can move into her apartment. 
Haha. This will be fun.

By the way..

If you know Stafford personally
or not,
it's his birthday tomorrow!!

He's not a huge fan of birthdays. 
This upsets me because I love Birthdays. 
My parents made it really special for us growing up, so 
I have always been so excited to do it for my future family. 
Now he doesn't even want it.
Are all boys like this?

So basically we're keeping it simple.
 My family will be here so we'll celebrate a little 
and this weekend we're planning a fun date in Idaho Falls 
(that's like the big city for all of us Rexburg folk).
The date will include dinner at Sizzler and finally the Hunger Games!!
We'll also go shopping since I've been so good about not shopping for way too long.

Hope your week is going well :)


  1. Finals week so early?? Lucky!
    Happy early Birthday to Stafford. And yes, my husband is exactly the same way. Drives me crazy!