Jul 6, 2016

How We Wore It: Summer Workout

Hi friends!
So of course I'm writing this as I eat my chocolate chocolate chip cake on the couch. It's all in moderation, right? I will tell you that after 2 babies and 3 pregnancies, I have realized that my body is not my own at this time in my life. I have to take supplements so I'm in baby making shape, I need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to try and get the vitamins I need on my own, I try to go for walks with the girls when I can and stay active so I can keep up with them, all while my weight goes up and down with each pregnancy and birth. It is pretty amazing what our bodies are capable of.

As far as fitness goes, it is not huge on my radar, but I think we all feel the motivation kick in every once in a while. My main source of cardio is either a walk with my girls in the stroller, or a walk on the treadmill after bedtime. I'm not a fan of cardio. Flashbacks of middle school and running the mile and pacer haunt me to this day. I enjoy weight lifting though and I could do squats all day (exaggerating, obviously). I find if I put on my cute work out clothes in the morning I'm more likely to do something active earlier in the day, which usually leads to a park date with the girls, which lets us all get some energy out.

So here is my summer workout attire

Right after I bought these super cute capris I upped my exercise game for like a month. 

And because I can't end a post without a picture of one of my adorable children...
I'll take all the abuse of my body to be their mom any day.

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  1. Great.

  2. Saying hello from HWWI fellow blogger :)
    I love all of the colors and styles of your workout clothes (Also, I'm pretty sure I own all of those things! Ha).