Apr 22, 2016

25 Things About Me On My 25th Birthday

My 25th birthday is this weekend, so I thought I would share 25 things about myself (this post should really be titled 25 weird things I do/think) and since I'm a mom and never have pictures alone, you get some cute pics of my girls with me. This list was incredibly hard for me to come up with! I have to admit I thought this birthday would never come. I always thought 24 was the perfect age. But here we are at 25 and I have to say I'm excited about this year you guys! Lots of big things coming up for my family! So here we go:

  1. I got married when I was 19. We dated 3.5 months and were engaged for 4.5 months- 5 years later, still in love!
  2. I do not eat meat, and I rarely eat eggs by themselves. Occasionally though I crave a little steak.. I like the crispy outside pieces dipped in sauce. As long as no one reminds me it's a cow.
  3. I am LDS, also known as Mormon.
  4. I want 5 or 6 kids. I have 5 sisters, my husband has 3 siblings, and I guess we're just used to  the big family idea. 
  5. Mexican food is my favorite, but dessert is the way to my heart (and when I say dessert, I mean chocolate. Fruit is not dessert.)
  6. Summer is my favorite season. 
  7. I graduated with my bachelor's degree from BYU Idaho in 2013, the semester after McKinlee was born.
  8. Stafford and I have lived in 4 different states in our 5 years of marriage.
  9. I get really nervous driving on the freeway. Merging is my least favorite thing to do, so merging at 65 mph is a little terrifying for me. I'll take frontage roads as much as possible even if it adds 10 minutes onto my trip. haha
  10. Before pouring milk on my cereal, I pick out all the mini wheat pieces without enough frosting on them. In my mind it is a waste of milk, and I don't like eating them.
  11. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Halloween takes a close second.
  12. I do not read books (other than this one), but I wish I did. 
  13. Same with running. 
  14. I am terrified of lions, tigers, and bears. I get nervous around them at the zoo and have nightmares about them- haha seriously.
  15. Along those same lines I'm a very anxious person. I worry about everything and think out crazy scenarios like what would I do if a tsunami hit and I was in Hawaii, or if my car slid off the road into water and I had my two girls with me (my solution is to invent a floating carseat, so I would just have to shove the whole thing out the window and then I could unbuckle the other child. I'm getting nervous just typing this out).
  16. I am an ice cream addict.
  17. I am a pretty private person and it's hard for me to open up to people- maybe that's why this post has taken me forever to write!)
  18. I avoid touching chicken like it's the plague. I dread making dinner because I know I'll have to touch chicken with germs on it and I'll have to wash my hands a million times and sanitize my counters a million times- am I the only one who thinks like this? haha I am so weird.
  19. I am the worst Balderdash player of all time. Just ask Stafford. 
  20. When we were kids, my sister would joke about my arm hair and would pretend like I was turning into a werewolf at bedtime. Why are we so mean as kids?! haha I have always been self-conscious about my arms. It's fine.
  21. I will work out tonight just so I can eat dessert afterward.
  22. Some of my favorite restaurants are Bajio's (YUM!!!), Punch Pizza, Firehouse Subs, Olive Garden, And Bellagio's (in the Northwest). I'm a pizza girl.
  23. I'm extremely indecisive. 
  24. Someday I hope to travel. I would love to see all parts of the US, and my husband served an LDS mission for 2 years in England, so we would love to go back and visit. I wouldn't mind wandering around most of Europe either, as long as we're still dreaming of someday. 
  25. I relate moments in my life to scenes from the Office more than I care to admit.
Phew! Well I hope you have an amazing weekend and eat some dessert. Because we all deserve that.


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