Apr 27, 2016

C o u n t d o w n

I currently feel like we are in countdown mode over here until finals are over.. until graduation... until Stafford takes the bar... etc, etc. It's just a constant countdown to the next big thing in our life. Don't worry- we're still enjoying today, but it's exciting to know that the future we've been dreaming of for the past 5 years is finally within reaching distance! So here is another countdown:

7  loads of laundry washed, folded and put away yesterday. I'm a "do it all in one day" laundry person, but as I sit and look at the piles on the couch to fold I rethink that method... Every. Single. Time. At least I have this cutie to play with while I fold.

6  The number of hours I slept last night thanks to a nightmare. Stafford has also been leaving early to teach a high school class this week for one of his classes, so the girls have been getting up to say goodbye (McKinlee literally asks for him every morning first thing. I'm chopped liver).

5  The number of times McKinlee called for me to wipe her bum today even though she's been wiping herself for a couple of months now.. WHY???

4  episodes of The Office that I watched while writing this post and the girls were sleeping. And I literally laugh out loud (quietly) during every one.

3  months until Stafford takes the bar! We have literally been preparing for this since getting into law school three years ago. Stafford started studying for it a few weeks ago and will continue studying everyday (minus the weekends) until he takes it. I'm proud of him and really excited for the whole process to be over already.

2  handfuls of chocolate covered pretzel thins I had during nap time today. These are seriously my favorite right now and Costco has them on sale through May 1st! They are to die for.

1  day until daddy's done with school classes for life!! Woo hoo! I can't believe we got through 7 years of school together. I'm so proud of that man. I can't wait to watch him graduate next month and for us to start working in Washington!!! Yes, Stafford got a job in Washington and will start after we get the bar results back in September (nerve racking!!).

Life has been great and it's been one of those weeks where I feel pretty on top of everything. I attribute that to my ability to say no to a lot of the extras right now. haha. But still.


  1. You guys have worked so hard! What an exciting time! Congratulations!