Feb 18, 2016

Life Lately + From the Toddler's Mouth

mom of 2

mom of girls

Mom of girls

Mommy daughter

Mom of girls

Mom of girls

A few months ago, Stafford and I were talking about journaling and writing down the little joys in our day. He began writing in a document and I asked if I could add to it. It's kind of become our family journal and I love having it. I was reading back through some of our entries and I just thought I would share a few funny things we wanted to remember from our talkative 3 year old.

One night at dinner McKinlee was climbing around in her chair, as usual, and suddenly slipped. I caught her arm before she fell to the ground and with a look of amazement she said "good save mom!"  Love her! I'm not the smoothest athlete- I almost always drop the keys when Stafford throws them to me, but I think motherhood makes you into some kind of super kid-catcher.

From Stafford: As I was getting ready to leave for work this morning I found a pair of McKinlee's shoes nicely stacked next to mine in my closet. She put them away by daddy's shoes! I love McKinlee surprises. We often find little things from McKinlee around the house. Sometimes it's 5 half full water bottles lined up on Stafford's night stand, other times it's a sippy cup full of apple juice in her play fridge (yikes! Because that's where apple juice goes- in the fridge!).

We were at our friends' house babysitting over night and Addie was having a hard time adjusting. I decided to let her cry it out for a bit while I fixed McKinlee and one of the kids a snack. I sat on the stairs while they ate so I could listen to Addie. I told Anna it was so sad (to listen to her cry). McKinlee got off her chair with her bowl and sat down by me even through my protests. Addie wailed again and I repeated that it was sad and McKinlee said, "your not sad, I sit by you!" It just clicked that she sat by me because she thought I was sad! She is so sweet!!

Stafford was downstairs (while we were still babysitting) and for some reason McKinlee needed him to come up. She stood at the top of the stairs and yelled down to him, "Daddy, come up! Right now! 4.... 5... 6...." she shrugged her shoulders and continued, "Ok! Spanking time!" And with that she marched herself down the stairs. I couldn't help but start cracking up. What a funny girl!

I do miss my baby McKinlee, but talking McKinlee makes up for it. Plus I have baby Addie to snuggle and kiss all over, so I'm set.


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