Nov 4, 2015

Halloween '15

I think it's safe to say that every holiday just gets better and better. Halloween was no exception. Stafford ran out to grab donuts for breakfast while McKinlee pulled out her costume.  She had been dying to put it on all morning. After breakfast we all got in our costumes and headed to our local grocery store for their Boo Blast. They had balloon animals, face painting, cookie decorating and other fun things for kids. McKinlee loved it and Addie was happy as a clam.

After a long afternoon of NO naps, we got back into costumes and into the car to go trick or treating. Our apartment building doesn't have many trick or treating participants, so we prefer going out with friends. We bundled up Addie and took her out for a bit. McKinlee was adorable going up to the houses. The kids we went with were quite a bit older, but she loved running to keep up with them and they were always sure to help her up to the door for her candy. She was great at saying "trick or treat" and "happy Hawoween!" The practice paid off!

Stafford dressed up for the first part of our day, but opted for a sweatshirt to go trick or treating that night. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I made him dress up as a purple dragon. He is a trooper. 

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween! -From Rainbow Dash, Spike, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity (My Little Pony).


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