Aug 19, 2015

Happy Three Months Addie Rose!

This love bug turned 3 months today!

I can't believe how much Addie girl has grown already! She is definitely a healthy baby. She has gained weight a lot quicker than McKinlee (she's currently 13.8 lbs) and is already in 3-6 month clothing. She should be in size 2 diapers but we have one more pack of 1's that we are trying to squeeze her in.. I'll be kicking myself at her next blowout. Addie is definitely a happy girl and she is pretty content through out the day. She has been going longer between feedings which is awesome for me. I'm an on demand feeder, so in the beginning she was eating every hour it seemed. Now it's more like every 3-4 hours/when she wakes up from naps. She has started to shriek a little more and it is the cutest thing! We can also get a little laugh out of her when we tickle her neck or feet. Addie loves her hands and is absolutely obsessed with this. It keeps her entertained for the duration of a shower- woohoo! She loves being propped up on pillows, but doesn't love the bumbo just yet. She's better and better at tummy time and may have rolled from her back to her belly for the first time last night, but the verdict is still out since it only happened once. She loves to watch me dance and sing and she loves reading time with sister. I'm still working on boundaries with McKinlee, but it is the cutest thing when anyone else takes an interest to Adalyn, McKinlee will stop whatever she's doing, run over to Adalyn for a hug and say "my sisser, Ada-yin."


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