Aug 25, 2015

Three Month Favorites

I just have to share our favorite products that have gotten us through these past 3 months. I honestly don't know how I had McKinlee without a baby carrier of any sort. This baby wrap has been amazing for us! Addie has been in it since we got home from the hospital and she LOVES it. She will calm right down after walking in it for a few minutes. Sometimes babies just need to be held and a wrap makes it much easier for us mama's. I also love this brand. Not too stretchy to where it feels like she's fall out, and perfectly breathable and thin. Stafford got it for me for Christmas during their sale last Black Friday, so be on the look out!
One of my absolute must haves this time around is without a doubt my Covered Goods breastfeeding and carseat cover. This thing has changed the breastfeeding game for me. With M I was a little nervous about breastfeeding in general, so forget about breastfeeding in public where things could slip out and my cover would never seem to cover everything. This baby has shut down all of my fears. It gives you complete coverage all the way around your back, so even when your shirt is pulled up, your love handles are not just hanging out there (we all have them- specially after pregnancy). I usually pull my opposite arm out of the top so I can eat, read to M, etc while breastfeeding. If that alone doesn't sell you, it double as a carseat cover. I had a flap one with McKinlee and in the Rexburg wind that cover didn't stand a chance, but my Covered Goods just wraps around the whole carseat leaving a space for the handle. Perfect for peeking at your little and showing her off, but keeping wandering hands from touching her face. Truly this cover has been a life saver and is worth every penny (but of course I waited to find a discount code which she does occasionally) and I've been wanting to buy a second so I could leave one in the car and one in my diaper bag.

So there are our current favorites. I can't wait to get into the toy stage and see her interact with her surroundings a little more. Is there anything you would add to this list? Products I should definitely know about? Let me know.


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