Jul 20, 2015

A Letter From the Newest Strong

Hi, I'm Adalyn and I'm new here.

I was born May 19, 2015 and my sister and I have kept my mom pretty busy! I guess she forgot that newborns get their days and nights mixed up.

So far life on Earth has been pretty chill. My big sister must think I'm one of her baby dolls because she tends to get a little carried away with her kisses and loves. Mommy has to step in to make sure I don't get too squished, but I do like to smile and talk to my big sister when she's around.

My favorite things are falling asleep on mommy or daddy's chest in the rocking chair, eating, and staring at the elephant above my play mat. Baths are very relaxing- except when big sister tries to help and I get splashed. When I'm having a rough time, my mommy will put me in my wrap on her chest and I can get nice and cozy and finally get some sleep. I wish she would just hold me in it all day!

Mommy says you'll be seeing a lot more of me on here now that I'm sleeping through the night. If you want to see more from the past 2 months of my life, feel free to catch up on my mom's Instagram.

Adalyn Rose


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