Apr 14, 2015

36 Weeks

How far along: 36 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 35 lbs and it just keeps going up!
Maternity clothes: I'm ready to pull out some shorts and skirts! These beautiful days are making me so excited for summer! I just want to be in a bathing suit every day and enjoy that sunshine - big belly or not.
Sleep: Sleep is getting better. I still only wake up once a night around 5:30 and then I can go back to bed. The body pillow is great, my memory foam pillow is great, and I have another King pillow against my back.. I am completely encompassed in pillows. 
Best moment this week: I have been working on the girls' room and it's finally coming along! I need to redesign the picture placement on the walls and make a name sign for baby girl (but first we need to decide on a name!).
Worst moment this week: I was feeling pretty overwhelmed last night and had a breakdown moment. Luckily Stafford was home and ready to take over for me. He sent me straight to the couch with an oatmeal creme pie while he bathed McKinlee (for like an hour). He also let me go to the gym to walk on the treadmill for a half hour before putting McKinlee down. It was so needed! I love that man!
Miss anything: I'm ready to have my body back. The back aches, rough sleep, and waddling have overstayed their welcome. 4 more weeks!!
Movement: She's most active at night which I loved. Usually everyone else is in bed and I'm up to have a little snack or look up names or find things for their room and it's a nice reminder that there's always a sweet little girl with me. I love it.
Cravings: It's so funny- I just get random cravings.. like this morning while McKinlee was doing her usual touch everything in the pantry, she pulled out the jello boxes and it made me want warm chocolate pudding with whipped cream so bad! I'm planning on making some for dessert tonight. 
Queasy or sick: It's been a pretty good week. I remember last time around I couldn't even look at the dishes in the sink because it would make me sick. Sometimes I wish that would come back just so I wouldn't have to do dishes, but then I come back to reality and thank my lucky stars I'm not nauseous.
Looking forward to: Getting some more time as a family of three! We're going to a Twins game this week which is something fun for all of us. It's crazy that we don't have too many more weeks of just us 3.

My Strep test came back negative so yay for that! I am not on a 4 hour clock when I get to the hospital! I asked my Dr. when I needed to go in if my water breaks again. Last time they had me go in right away even though my contractions were only just starting after my water broke. They said since it was my first baby we had no idea how fast my labor would go, so they just wanted me there. I was ok with it because I had nothing else to be doing. This time around I'm hoping my water breaks on its own again so I can go in whenever I want. I just want to get an epidural asap so I don't have to feel those awful contractions when they hit. I'm glad I got to feel them last time so I know what labor is like, but I don't have much desire to go through it again if I don't have to. There's really no planning for labor though. I'm so excited (and only a little bit nervous)!


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