Apr 7, 2015

35 Week Update- Mommy + McKinlee

How far along: 35 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 32 lbs
Maternity clothes: I've been mixing a few of my normal sweaters and cardigans with maternity stuff and I am so ready to be able to wear all of my clothes again!
Sleep: Sleep is still a little rough. My body pillow is my best friend and I'm thinking I need to implement more Tums into my diet.
Best moment this week: Celebrating Stafford's 27th Birthday on Saturday, then Easter on Sunday and watching General Conference all weekend! It was pretty busy, but fun to have some family time.
Worst moment this week: McKinlee has had a bug this week and it is just the worst! I'm so ready for warmer weather. It's supposed to be cloudy and rainy all week. I'm thinking lots of soups will be on the menu. YUM!
Miss anything: Having no aches or pains. Today has been really rough since I've been out and about. I just keep reminding myself that as soon as that baby girl comes out all of these aches go away and I will have a sweet baby to show for it.
Movement: She's settling down a little bit. I still get lots of kicks, but they're slowing down to softer movements instead. It's getting to be a tight fit in there!
Cravings: Oatmeal Creme Pies and Einstein Bros Bagels. I gave in to both of those cravings today and I'm pretty happy about it. This Easter candy is killing me as well. With this pregnancy I've been able to hit Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter.. Whew!
Queasy or sick: Just the occasional heart burn before bed.
Looking forward to: Another week as a family of 3. I read this birth story and totally cried ugly tears. It's so weird to think that I'm totally changing McKinlee's world. We'll leave the house and then come back with a baby one of these days. There's no preparing her for that. And what if we have to leave in the middle of the night or something and she's still asleep?? Gosh so much on my mind!

So I had my check up this morning and met another doctor that might deliver us. She was so nice and I would be perfectly happy to have her deliver baby #2. If you've been reading for a while, you know that I absolutely LOVED my last Dr. He was perfect for Stafford and I and made everything seem like it was no big deal. It was just what I needed. Finding a new Dr. here was really hard for me because I couldn't find anyone that was like my first one. He was my OB GYN, our family Dr., and our pediatrician for McKinlee afterwards. He met with me at each visit and only took on a certain amount of moms due at the same time to ensure that he could deliver us. Here I could only find clinics with multiple doctors that would be on call for the delivery. This was a big bummer for me because I loved getting to know my doctor through out the process and knowing who would be in that room with me in the end. I switched a couple times, but I'm getting to be more comfortable with my choice. The more doctors I meet the more happy I am. I like them all and they're all women so I don't feel the need to get to know them as much haha is that weird? There's only 4 to 5 of them, so it's not like a huge rotation which makes me feel better as well. 

I was surprised when the nurse told me today was the day for my strep test. I was expecting it next week! I like to mentally prepare myself for these visits! She did it quick then decided to check my cervix. I am 60% effaced and almost 1 cm dilated! I know this doesn't mean much since I can basically stay at this point for weeks, but still exciting to think about. It made it all a little more real. 5 weeks to go!

And of course McKinlee's 35 Week picture. haha She just loves these weekly photo shoots. Excuse the jammies and lack of pants. She has been a sick girl this week and we've been in cuddle mode over here :)


  1. Stop ittttttttttt! McKinlee is such a doll! Love her! And I hope she gets feeling better asap!
    Girl, I am with you! We had the same type of doctor in Utah and we LOVED him! He was my OB, delivered Mia, our family doctor and her ped. He's actually the saddest part for me about leaving Utah, ha ha! I wish we could have taken him with us! It's been rough trying to figure out where to go here in AZ!