Apr 16, 2015

Blue Skies + Baseball Games

I would not call myself a big sports fan. I don't enjoy watching them on tv and I don't follow which team is better (in my mind the Bulls are still a top team because of Michael Jordan). I knew when I married Stafford that I would probably have to learn a little more. In 4 years I think I've come a long way, but I will never be one to scream at the tv for a team. One thing I can get on board with is going to a baseball game. No other sport has that same atmosphere. I love the warm weather, being outside, the grass, and the food! We got tickets from the school for the game last night, so we decided to make it a family night out.

I have to say, this girl LOVED it. We were planning on games being a special thing for Daddy to take her to this summer when the baby is born. It'll be good for her to get some one on one attention, and for me to hopefully get a nap in. I think the lack of sleep is one thing that I'm really nervous about. Like, will I ever sleep again? Will both girls ever nap at the same time? McKinlee was quick to sleep through the night, so I'm nervous that baby #2 will be different. Who knows... Thank Heavens Stafford will get to be home a lot this summer to help me. Yay for school being out!

She kept begging daddy to make the fireworks again. After one home run she just couldn't get over them! I am so ready for another game with these two! Have a good weekend!


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