Mar 17, 2015

32 Weeks

How far along: 32 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 26 lbs. and steadily growing!
Maternity clothes: Stafford just asked me yesterday why I have so many clothes. I told him that in the pregnant years I will have clothes that range in size and I can't just get rid of them  between pregnancies! Haha And of course I still feel like I have nothing to wear. 
Sleep: Besides last night when McKinlee woke up bawling for 2 hours in the middle of the night, sleep has been pretty good! I think I'm sleeping deeper and I've let myself relax and take naps if I want. I've been doing some exercises everyday and I think that helps with my energy in the day and my sleep at night. 
Best moment this week: Spring Break started yesterday! I am one happy wife! We also went to the zoo on Saturday to get out of the house. It was a beautiful day and we couldn't resist. McKinlee made all the animal sounds as we went around. My favorite is her wolf howl.. Ahh-dorable. I can see many more zoo trips in our future.
Worst moment this week: McKinlee is sick again and now Stafford is getting it too, which means I'll probably be sick around Wednesday. haha.
Miss anything: Vigorous exercise. I wouldn't say I miss this a lot, but sometimes I just want to sweat it out, and I can't. 
Movement: Constant! I love it.
Cravings: Chipotle with Tabasco. I have never used Tabasco so much in my life, but I'm loving it!
Queasy or sick: I only feel sick in the mornings when I haven't eaten yet and at night when I've eaten too much and I get heartburn. It's a rough life. 
Looking forward to: Our ultrasound appointment this Thursday! At our 19 week ultrasound, they said my placenta was a little lower than the like, so we would have to check on it later on in the pregnancy to see if it's moved up. They sounded very confident, so I'm not too worried. There's always a little fear, but I'm more excited to this baby girl again!


  1. You're looking pretty as ever at 32 weeks pregnant! I've been catching up on your blog lately, I'm glad to see you guys are doing so well. :) Oh yeah, random question, did you design those polka dots at the top of your blog yourself?

  2. aww 32 weeks!! that's so close and you're looking amazing!!