Mar 26, 2015

Indoor Playgrounds + Pony Tails

We are SO glad it is officially Spring! The sun has been hiding, but I've been dying to get McKinlee out of the house and go explore. Luckily for us a fun new indoor playground/cafe opened up nearby called the Play and Learn Cafe, so we decided to go check it out. All you Twin Cities moms need to visit this place! They have lots of food and drink options for you and your little with a nice little seating area. We didn't order anything this time, but McKinlee wanted to sit at all the tables and chairs anyways since they were just her size! I have a feeling if we stayed longer she would've gone crazy for their chalkboard wall as well. The main attention grabber for us this trip was their playground. I was thrilled at how safe it was. I can't take McKinlee to parks as easily with this big belly because I can't chase her and guard all of the 5 foot drop-offs around the play set (why do they even do that by the way?!). This one had great stairs, good slides and there really wasn't too much to worry about. I could set her free and sit down- I can't remember the last time I could do that!

I also learned that this girl may need a tool set sooner or later. This little work bench held her attention for almost 20 minutes. THAT's saying something. I loved all the different activities for her. If I got too close to her she would put her hand up and say "back, back... workin." She is quite the independent toddler these days.

We had a great day playing and driving. Sometimes that's all you need. Hopefully we get some more sun soon because seriously?? Who can resist a two year old in sun glasses in your rear view mirror?

And now I finish out what is supposed to be nap time by watching this busy body on the camera climb out of her crib... NOOOOOO! What are you up to today?


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