Mar 14, 2015

31 Weeks

How far along: 31 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 25 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Still loving the maternity jeans I bought and one of my regular pairs. I just love jeans that fit under the belly- they're so much more comfortable! I am at the stage where I rotate through my 5 everyday maternity shirts, pajama shirts, and the occasional "get dressed up" maternity shirts. My closet is getting smaller and smaller it seems and that's frustrating. 
Sleep: Sleep is ok, it's getting to sleep that's the problem. I have a hard time getting a full breath and adding that with the iron pills I take right before bed makes for an uncomfortable hour of tossing and turning. Those pills make me a little nauseous, so I heard it's best to take them right before bed.
Best moment this week: Starting to sand and paint McKinlee's toddler bed! I'm a bit tired of it now, but I want it to be perfect and this is my first furniture DIY. I'm hoping to get it done this weekend and move it into her room! I have done practically nothing for baby #2's arrival and I'm starting to feel the fire aka nesting instincts are FINALLY kicking in. Let's do this.
Worst moment this week: The amount of potty accidents McKinlee's been having lately! Are you kidding me?! I just have to breath and remember to stay patient. It's hard because some books say to always have a positive attitude about the potty, but then you're supposed to make it a big deal if they have an accident. How much is too much? And why do these books make you feel like you'll mess up your child forever if you make the wrong choice? haha.
Miss anything: Sunshine, energy, and sleep.
Movement: All the time still. loving it!
Cravings: Coldstone, English Muffins with honey, and strawberry cream cheese on any kind of bagel.
Queasy or sick: Still feeling pretty great! I haven't had too much heart burn lately, so I'm wondering if I'm off the hook or if it's in the near future. 
Looking forward to: Working on the nursery more and more and Stafford's spring break next week! YAY!!


  1. Can't wait to see your nursery and mcKinlees big girl room! You look darling!

  2. You are doing great Kelsi! You are a wonderful mother. You look darling too! Keep up the good work.