Feb 20, 2015

Serving Others Blog Hop

Happy Friday! I have been dying for the weekend. It's been a long week and I feel like my patience is running on fumes. It looks like another of McKinlee's molars is coming in and she has had a few accidents this week which is really frustrating (but understandable). I'm just excited to have some husband support this weekend ;)

So I shared with you the Valentine's that McKinlee and I made and sent out this year, but I wanted to revisit that post and share with you a little back story. Stafford and I have been extremely blessed to have all of our grandparents still here. We have been able to travel and visit them on multiple occasions and they have all met McKinlee which I love. 

Early this month, my grandpa had to undergo open heart surgery for the second time. We were a little concerned going into it, but it had to happen. There were complications and after a long day in surgery it sounded like he wasn't going to make it. My mom flew out immediately to be with my grandma at the hospital. The next morning we got news that he was stable and even though the problems weren't all fixed, it looked like the worst was over. My whole family was an emotional wreck. I have never experienced loss and it was such a difficult thing to deal with. After many prayers and a long week of recovery, my grandpa was awake and could communicate more and more. I couldn't believe the 180* that took place. I'm so glad my mom was there to help support my grandparents. I wish I could've gone to visit, but that wasn't very realistic for us. Since I couldn't be there in person to comfort my mom and grandma, I decided a nice card/drawing from McKinlee would be nice. *Cue Valentine post*  

A few days after his first surgery, I dug out some art supplies and let M go to town. She is obsessed with stickers and once I showed her the stamp she went a little crazy. I glued on some hearts and wrote a note to my grandma and one to my mom on the back of McKinlee's artwork. We put it in a cute envelope and sent it out that afternoon. This wasn't a huge project and it took less than a half hour, but I know it lifted some spirits at the hospital.


Grandpa is getting better each day. He's still in the hospital with new problems that pop up, but they all appear to be fixable so far. My mom finally flew back home for a little bit and things seem to be settling down. I'm sure my grandpa will be back to shooting his guns and planting his garden soon enough :)

With it being early on in 2015, goals are still fresh on my mind. Something that I have thought about a lot lately is service and bringing joy to those around us. When I take a minute to think about what service I've done lately, I'm amazed at how consumed I am in my own life. Being pregnant with a toddler is hard work, but thinking of others doesn't have to add stress- it can actually  be a relief of the crazy hectic life we have! I've met with some other lovely bloggers who share the same feelings on the topic. Go check out what they did to put a smile on someone's face, then let me know if you have any fun things that you like to do for others. I know it's after Valentine's Day, but let's keep spreading the love!


  1. So happy to hear your grandpa pulled through! So important to teach our little ones to serve now, your an amazing mom.