Feb 13, 2015

Easy Valentine's To Make With Your Toddler

This week we have been busy babysitting some family friends, which has left little time to get our Valentine's in the mail! Luckily we had everything on hand to make the perfect Valentine's from McKinlee.

On Wednesday, I pulled out some stickers, pom pom balls, and all the different pink hues that I could find in our crayon box. I gave McKinlee a glue stick and let her go to town.

Obviously the stickers and glue were a big hit. We sent those out to grandparents in pretty envelopes.
This morning we decided to make daddy a little picture as well. I taped off "I LOVE YOU" and pulled out the watercolors. Painting is probably one of McKinlee's favorite things.

At first I was worried because she just started painting little lines and then moved onto the taped off sections. She was trying to stay in the lines... the one time you don't want to stay in the lines! haha. Once she got going though, she was unstoppable.

Look at that focus. She is in the zone.

 And there you have it. Two really easy Valentine's to make with your toddler. I think the grandparents and daddy will love them!

Hope you have some fun plans for tomorrow! We're thinking bagels and strawberries for breakfast (Einstein Bros honey wheat with strawberry cream cheese has been a serious craving for me this pregnancy). Then we're taking the big group out for some fun on the town and finishing off the night with hopefully a little ice cream in bed :) I'm grateful for the loves in my life. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. What an fun craft! Your little girl is so adorable. Congratulations on another little girl!!

  2. What an adorable idea! I've got a toddler who I'm sure would enjoy this. Maybe I'll do a St. Patty's day craft with this idea. Thanks!

    Found you via Kallie, Life through a Lens!