Dec 10, 2014

18 Weeks

How far along: 18 Weeks
Total weight gain: 11 lbs. That happend.
Maternity clothes: I've moved to the hair elastic stage. I use an elastic with all of my jeans now. I've been able to cover the bump with what shirts I have so far. We still have a ways to go!
Best moment this week: Getting to see my sister and seeing McKinlee with her new baby cousin. She absolutely LOVES babies and that just makes me so excited for May!
Miss anything: Not right now... I'm pretty content with life.
Movement: Small kicks here and there. Nothing as big as a few weeks ago when Stafford was able to feel it. I keep waiting for those big kicks to come back! I can't wait.
Food cravings: I dove into the 5 lb bag of sour gummy worms my brother in law got for me when we first found out we were pregnant. Last pregnancy that was by far my biggest craving and it's starting to come back! This could be a very bad thing haha.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing... Except when Stafford watched a short documentary on how McDonalds makes their chicken nuggets. No it's not as awful as you think, but it's still is a lot of grinding and mush that this pregnant mama can't handle looking at.
Have you started to show: YES! I wore a belt today to show it off a bit more.
Gender: We find out Friday!! My family has all girls... I have 5 sisters, my sister has 3 daughters and we have McKinlee.. Whatever this cute baby is will be exciting no matter what! 
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! We had a fun play date this morning and a few parties this weekend, so it'll be a fun week.
Looking forward to: Our ultrasound appointment on Friday.... AHHH!!! And going home for Christmas! I love this time of year!

And I just had to include this one because hello... this girl is adorable. Anytime daddy takes my bump picture, she just has to be in one too. I love it.


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