Nov 15, 2014

Week 14

How far along: 14 Weeks
Total weight gain: 2 lbs.
Maternity clothes: I wore one of my old favorite maternity shirts yesterday and I LOVED it! It's pretty big still, but I love comfy shirts. I'm sticking out more and more, so I don't love the super tight shirts right now.. at least until my stomach gets more round :)
Best moment this week: Telling a few of our friends that we're pregnant! I've been so excited to share our news!
Miss anything: Sleep! I had the worst headache of my life last night. Luckily Stafford was home to take care of McKinlee and put her to bed, meanwhile I was out cold at 8.
Movement: This was definitely the week! I felt baby move multiple times this week! It's just going to get stronger and stronger!
Food cravings: Desserts... and water. Water has just sounded so good!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Today the smell of my spaghetti sauce made me sick after I ate my pasta thank goodness.
Have you started to show: YES! I can't hide it anymore!
Gender: We don't know yet! I'm dying to find out!
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding ring on or off: On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! Although I watched this video last night and was totally in tears. Stafford said I was overly emotional, but I think anyone with a heart would tear up a little bit. haha
Looking forward to: Chipotle for dinner! Haha That guacamole is calling my name!


  1. Kasey, you are such a sweet mama and I am so happy you share your life with us through pictures and phone calls. I wish I could hug McKinlee more often but you bring it all together by taking time on this blog. Thanks you so much