Apr 29, 2014

Snow at the Park

I couldn't resist sharing some pictures of McKinlee at the park a few weeks ago. There is no longer snow on the ground (thank heavens), but don't worry... there is plenty of rain to keep us inside for another week. I do love falling asleep to rain. I'm from Washington and the sound of rain is so soothing. The wind on the other hand kept me up ALL night last night. I am counting my blessings that the snow is gone and we are praying for some sun so we can go play!

This winter may have dragged on a little lot longer than we were expecting, but it was fun for McKinlee to get to see the snow before it melted away. There is something exciting about everyday for her. Everything is still new to McKinlee... every animal at the zoo, a new flavor, grass (which she has yet to experience- thanks MN weather!). I just love that she is still so new to the world and she can now experience things. If only we could all live life like that! I hope you are experiencing better weather than we are!


  1. She is a doll.

    PS - How do people in Washington handle all of that rain?? It's so foreign to me because I live in a desert haha

  2. oh my goodness, your daughter is so cute! i love her outfit :) She's at that fun age where exploring things is so fun!

    andrea brionne