May 1, 2014

May Fitness Challenge

With Summer fast approaching, I keep telling myself I need to get my booty in gear. The other day my friend posted on her facebook that she had just finished 3- 30 day challenges. She had a beautiful baby boy 8 months ago and is looking fabulous. I think now that McKinlee is 15 months old, I can start working out a little more intensely. Ha! So here we go...  The May fitness challenge I am starting TODAY! I'm starting with Day 1 on all 3 challenges today. I would love some company on this journey if you're interested.

I couldn't find a source for this one. Let me know if you know who deserves the credit!



I have been doing this squat circuit for a few days already and I LOVE it. They're different squats, so I can feel it in different areas. I don't do well with long workouts and a lot of cardio, so I think this challenge will be right up my alley. I have also done some workouts from @alexajeanfitness on instagram. I did one of her ab workouts 2 days ago and I'm STILL feeling it! This either tells you how out of shape I am or how good her workouts are! Go check her out!

I hope you'll join me for this challenge! Let me know how you do! Good luck!


  1. This looks great! Especially the ab challenge. I just picked up my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding in July & am wanting to see a little change before then!