Apr 16, 2014

Birthday Boy

Last Friday we celebrated Stafford's 26th Birthday! The years go by so fast. School is still in session for Stafford, so we celebrated with a little Olive Garden and shopping. That's my kind of birthday celebration!

This little girl loves to be in the car when she doesn't have to be buckled. Sometimes we take a little extra time getting in the car so she can have a little more freedom before being strapped in. The car seat is the worst thing in the world to her right now. Every time we go to run errands there is an unsaid competition between Stafford and I to determine who has to buckle McKinlee in. It's very exciting.

After his favorite meal at Olive Garden, we had a little birthday treat and relaxed at home. Stafford is pretty relaxed when it comes to birthdays and celebrations, so this was right up his alley. I'm grateful he's low key, because Heaven knows that having a crazy toddler at home keeps me busy enough! I am so happy I met this wonderful man 4 years ago this month! He definitely keeps life exciting and fun. Happy Birthday babe!


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