Nov 9, 2013

McKinlee: 9 Months

Sweater: Baby Gap Clearance / Leggings: Carters gift / Headband: Lovestrong Shop

I feel like this month went by really fast and McKinlee has grown SO much! I think this is my favorite stage yet. She is so mobile and her personality shows through more and more each day. She definitely knows when she's doing something she shouldn't because she turns around and gives me her little smirk. It's pretty adorable. I can't get over how much she's changed lately. Slow down child!

Sleep: McKinlee has been doing great with sleeping! I'm so glad she's back to a schedule, and by schedule, I mean she naps within 2 hours of the times I say.  She takes 2 good naps a day. One around 11:30 and another at 3:30 or so. We keep her up until 9 or 9:30 and she goes down for the night. The time change did mess with her a bit, but we're grateful, because she used to go to bed around 11 and now she's back to 9:30 or 10. Stafford and I have always been night owls, but since this time change and being parents (and Stafford being in school all day) we are tired by 10! We've been going to bed before midnight almost every day this week! I'm pretty proud of us. 

Weight: Not sure!
Height: 26 in.
We're in size 2 diapers and she is in between clothing sizes as always. She wears 3-6, and 6 month clothing mostly. She can wear 9 month jammies, but all her other 9 month things are too big for her. I have an adorable pair of pink jeggings and I'm dying for her to wear them. I probably try them on her every other day hoping for a growth spurt. Sometimes I worry that she too small, but other babies are small too. She'll catch up soon I'm sure. For now I'm just loving her cute little petite body!
Food: Breastfeeding is completely over this month. I'm sad about it, but I knew it was coming. The move really messed me up I think, so maybe with the next little one I can go a little longer. I think it's a good time though- McKinlee isn't really interested in it and now that she has 6 teeth I'm not really interested in it either haha. She has around 5 or 6 bottles a day and she has been eating real food more and more. About a week ago I had a mini freakout about how small she was and that I wasn't feeding her enough table food. Of course I looked at other blogs and comments and read that by this age some babies were eating chili!! Crazy. I was worried I was stunting McKinlee's growth because of my own selfish reasons- I get nervous feeding her table food because I don't want her to choke and me not being able to handle it. So this week I went to town on trying new foods with her. - Which is also said to be bad in case of allergies and allowing her to get used to new tastes. It's fine. But lately we've tried goldfish (didn't like), chopped pears, chopped carrots (didn't like), green beans (didn't like), cheddar cheese (didn't like), yogurt, Gerber puffs (favorite!), mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, and some pureed meat (didn't like). Although it looks like she's picky, we've only tried these foods a couple times, so I bet she'll like them the more she tries them. It's become more fun since I've opened up to feeding her off our plates. Yay for trying new things!

Milestones: McKinlee is a crawling machine! I am loving it! It's a whole new ball game since she's branched out of the living room and will now follow us into our room/closet/bathroom/kitchen/anywhere! She crawls into our little pantry cupboard in the kitchen and on to our dishwasher. She LOVES playing in the kitchen. I love that she can crawl because she can totally entertain herself. At the same time, she gets into everything. Ugh. Will my house never be clean again?? McKinlee also claps now (adorable!) and tries to match what we say in the same pitch. She says bah bah when we say bye bye and she can mimick the "ha" sound for hi. I'm sure we're a ways from her actually saying anything, but these are major milestones in my mind! My favorite is when she leans in with an open mouth for kisses! She pulls herself up onto anything and everything she can. She also walks along the couch/ bookshelves. It's been a pretty fun month of her exploring our new home and I'm loving it.

I am so proud of our little love bug. She's such a joy to have around. I am finally learning how she communicates with me and we get each other. She's started laying her head on my shoulder again at bed time and I LOVE that. So sweet. Anyways, I'm glad Heavenly Father has blessed us with her. She's our whole world and we wouldn't have it any other way.


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