Dec 26, 2012

Week 33

Sorry for the late post!!
How far along? 33 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 16 pounds
Maternity clothes? It's Christmas break, so you better believe I'm in my leggings and long tops :) lovin this whole pregnancy style.
Stretch marks: Not yet.
Best moment this week: Visiting family and finishing the semester! I have one semester before I graduate with my bachelors and Stafford and I are graduating together in July! We were able to go to Utah this last weekend and stay with Stafford's parents. It was fun to spend time with them and play games. We even had an early Christmas with them and opened presents (Stafford couldn't wait to see their faces).
Miss anything? Walking normally. I'm a waddler and have been for a few weeks now. It's embarrassing. It gets worse the longer I walk and since it's Christmas shopping time it's been back.
Movement?  Still loving her sleep schedule. It's cute to feel her wake up. I love her little kicks and when she wakes up after I eat something sweet.
Food cravings:  Nothing too bad this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show: Yep :)
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: Braxton hicks.. Quite a few this week and pretty intense. When we were packing for our trip I just felt exhausted anytime I tried to do anything. I also had period cramps it felt like. It's been  a while since I last had those! Don't miss them one bit.
Belly button in or out? in...  barely.
Wedding ring on or off? on.
Happy or moody most of the time? I think I got a little cranky this last week. Apparently sleep and food are important things for my mood.
Looking forward to: Christmas!! I LOVE Christmas and I can't even wait to see my family! I havent gotten to see them in such a long time and Christmas is a really big deal in our family with lots of traditions, so I can't wait to get it goin! Plus I get to see my cute little nieces that I've only seen ONCE since they were born.


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