Oct 10, 2012

DIY Twine Decorative Balls

Surprise! I've been working on a few things around the house lately and I wanted to share! This project was super cheap and so easy. I promise.

What you'll need: 
Styrofoam Balls (mine came in a 2 pack for $8) 
Twine (Walmart!) 
Hot glue gun 
And probably a good show, because it takes some time... 
I started out rolling my twine into a little rosette to have a good starting point. Make sure to get it really tight.

Glue this straight onto your styrofoam ball.
Continue wrapping your twine... This part takes forever. Make sure to put a lot of glue as you go.

Continue this until you've wrapped the entire ball. The end is a little tricky, but just try and get the twine to cover as much as you can.
I'm really happy with how mine turned out. And they look pretty great with my Halloween decor.


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