Oct 11, 2012

Week 23

How far along? 23 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: up 6 lbs. ish
Maternity clothes? I'm still wearing my normal jeans with the belly band. Found some leggings that I LOVE. Just trying to figure out what I can wear them with and still feel modest.
Stretch marks: None yet.
Best moment this week: Ah! I made the top of her quilt yesterday! I'm doing a strip quilt, so it's super easy, just time consuming and scary to just do it myself. I told Stafford that we could always scrap it if I didn't like it, but he came back immediately with "no, no. We've spent too much money on it already." So much for my out. But it's looking super cute. I'm dying.
Miss anything? Umm.. my stomach. It was never perfect or anything, but it's pretty sad when I can't lay on my stomach and I have to unbutton most of my pants.
Movement? So much! She is so strong. I'm pretty sure she'll occasionally press her whole back up against me. I love it.
Food cravings: Nothing. But seriously- Craigo's/Pizza Pie Cafe will never get old.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. The head aches are still happening, but nothing too bad. I hope all of my pregnancies are like this.
Have you started to show: Yes!! More of my friends are noticing. LOVING IT!
Gender: Girl!!!
Labor signs: Nope.
Belly button in or out? in, but really shallow. I'm waiting for the pop to happen.
Wedding ring on or off? on.
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy :) soo happy!
Looking forward to: working on her room more and more!


  1. You are so teeny and so cute!!! So excited for you!! Little girls are so much fun :-)

    1. Thank you! I know it, I can't wait to just be with her already!

  2. I tried to make Matthew something but my blanket turned into a purse, and the second try turned into a laundry bag it was devastating lol.

    1. Ok seriously your little boy is to die for cute. And if you see a pink/green/blue/yellow laundry bag on here soon don't be surprised :) haha