Mar 27, 2012

Homework is the worst.

Currently this is what my desk looks like...


Can you tell it's finals season? 
I don't know why all these books are open.. I'm only using two of them right now, but maybe it just helps me visualize how much I actually have to get done..
Did I mention my family is coming to town next week?? 
super excited!
and it's finals week next week :)
Okay that last bit I'm not that excited about, 
but I sure am excited to see my sisters and parents!

I downloaded that fun little draw something
game on Stafford's phone 
and my little sisters have been playing with me nonstop. Can I just tell you how adorable it is to 
see how much they draw and then erase multiple times to make a girl wearing glasses with multiple arrows pointing at the glasses.
 (They're 10)

Stafford loves drawing with them because they make sure to color in everything all the way.
It is seriously so cute.. 
I wish I could save some of the pictures.

Hope you're having a wonderful week..  we're halfway through!!


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