Apr 18, 2012

Idaho is fun

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Idaho is actually a pretty fun place.
There's lots to do.
Just look...

Idaho Potato Museum?? 
Who knew?
My older sister Kayla drove me back to school a few semesters ago
and we decided to make a fun trip out of it. If we saw any brown signs on the freeway, we were sure to exit and check out the fun.

Second stop...

it was April 15th.
As in it was closed.
sad :(
But we did stand outside the fence and got to see a cow and a donkey-
sooo that was great.

haha We had a lot of fun on our little trip.
Someday I would love to take a bigger trip and stop at everything fun along the way. 
It's kind of a dream of mine. 

Anyway- hope you're having a good week!


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