Feb 25, 2012

A year ago today...

Anniversary TOMORROW!!!
Holy cow. 
Time has gone by so fast! 

It was like yesterday that I had my bridal shower...  

Oh and let me tell you something so cute.
My bridal shower was amazing. 
My really good friend Alli had it for me. She decorated everything beautifully. 
Strung up undies and everything. Totally cute. 
When it came time to open presents I was excited about all the 
fun things that I got- you know, the normal things you get
at a bridal shower. 
A present from my dad?

Guess what he got me.

haha He's so cute. 
It was a 3/4 length sleeve, calf length dress. Black and white polka dot. It was nice, but not something I was expecting to get at my shower. 
He really loves buying dresses for all of us girls and he's so confident in it too.
I think it's sweet.

So anyways,
a year ago today we had a dinner with all our close friends and family. 
Kristina is one of my best friends. 
She was there through it all..  helping out with anything she could.
LOVE her.

 It was a great dinner with lots of visiting and laughing. Love my family.
Come back tomorrow- Anniversary Day!- and I'll 
tell you about our little weekend getaway I planned.
ALSO..  I'm looking for more cute ideas to do for memories every year. 
Do you do anything or wish you did anything special to remember your anniversaries?
This is the year to start it :)
Hope you had a good weekend!


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