Feb 14, 2012

V-Day Surprise!

Oh. my. gosh. you guys.
I have the sweetest husband ever. 
We had a rule that we weren't going to buy presents this year. just keep it simple.
I had fun decorating the house the night before with strands of hearts 
and a cute love sign that didn't exactly turn out how I expected it.
It was still cute though and Stafford was so proud.
Naturally when my mind says no spending money, I think of paper and glue...
little did I know that Stafford had something totally different up his sleeve...

Saturday we had a fun Valentine's dance to go to at the church.
We didn't know how fun it would be, because neither of us a great dancers, 
but I was excited to dress up. 
Plus Stafford looks so good in a suit.
so good.

 The dance turned out to be really fun. 
There was a photographer and I actually felt giddy about going into a dance with my husband. 
I didn't have to be embarrassed about what a horrible dancer I am, and no pressure to dirty dance since we're MARRIED. 
Can you tell this was my first dance since high school? ha ha

Then...  we decided our date night wasn't over, so Stafford grabbed a couple blankets and we picked up a movie. He drove out to our old "special spot" when we were dating. 
We put down the back seats, made up a 
little bed, and set up his laptop. It was so cute.

So basically our weekend was great :)

Today was the big surprise that Stafford was so excited for...


They were so darn cute. 
He was so excited about his big surprise all week. 
I had no idea this is what he was thinking!

 He only borrowed them of course, because we're not allowed to have pets here.
But it was amazing and so much fun.

  It also brought back some memories for him. 
He had bunnies growing up for a while and he loved them. 
I've never had bunnies, but I love baby animals SO MUCH.

So anyway, hope your Valentine's Day was amazing too!