Feb 26, 2012

One Year Baby!

So we really celebrated over this weekend since today is Sunday.
On Friday I booked us a hotel in 
Idaho Falls-
exciting right?

We started the weekend when he got home from work at 4. 
The house was clean and I had already packed our bag. 
I left him a little note in our "Love Notes" envelope I made. That note directed him to get in the car and check under his seat for location #1.
Once we were all ready to go  we hopped in the car and Stafford checked under the seat.

He opened it and it gave him directions and an address. 
I love surprises!

We started to drive. It was so fun! Nice that we only had to drive a half hour instead of 4 hours! 
Once we got to the hotel we got to our room and when he opened the suitcase there was another note.

The note instructed that it was dinner time and to find the Location #2 envelope in the glove box.
We got back in the car and in the envelope there were 2 slips of paper..  2 options
for dinner! FUN! 
I wrote down directions to 2 different places with no names. 
BECAUSE I know him so well I put the price ranges on top of the papers.

He chose one and we got goin. 
10 minutes later we arrived at Texas Roadhouse!
I've never been before, but I've heard Stafford talk about it.
 We went big and ordered pretty drinks and everything :)

It was a lot of fun and the food was delicious. 
haha not a great place for me though seeing as I don't eat meat all that much.

 Wish we got a better picture, but oh well. 
After dinner we drove back to the hotel and had a fun night- complete with hot tubbing at midnight, chocolate covered strawberries, sparkling cider and games. 

He was so sweet to play along with my surprises and letting me plan the weekend. 

I can't believe we've been married a year. 
It goes by fast.
I love you babe! Happy Anniversary!


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