Jan 2, 2012

Christmas time!

We had so much fun over the holidays...
we made gingerbread houses:
of course it was a competition

 The judges....
My cute grandparents

Jenna won, but I didn't get a picture of her with her cute house- teenagers.. always wanting to hang out with friends.

We had a lot of fun acting out the nativity and singing songs around the piano. I'm pretty sure Stafford has never sung so much in his life. He was a great sport.
If you haven't noticed, my family includes 6 girls with no boys- and of course
my wonderful parents. 
Stafford's getting used to being around girls all the time now, but he told me once that he didn't know how to talk to the twins..  I asked what he meant and he said "they're 10 year old girls, I don't know what they like or what they talk about!" haha so cute.

We also acted out the nativity and opened up our favorite Christmas Eve present..
We're big fashion showers at my house so immediately we ran to change.
When it came time for the big reveal Stafford and I switched it up a bit.

haha he really was a good sport.
After reading The Night Before Christmas, we all made our beds in the family room and had a giant sleepover while falling asleep to The Santa Clause.
It was a great night. 

When we woke up the next morning Santa had been there!
This is what happens when everyone's home for Christmas.
After church we opened all our presents and had a great Christmas. We were very blessed this year because Stafford and I were also able to get a car!
yes... we were homeless and car-less for almost a month!
We had a really great time in Washington and enjoyed spending so much time with family..
on to Rexburg and living in our own home! yay!


  1. The pink jammies on Stafford is awesome! What a good sport! :)

  2. Kelsi!! SO cute! Ok so I'm just starting to get my blog up and running haha! Yours is so cute :o) Hope you and Stafford are doing well! How did your sisters like the headbands?!??!