Jan 19, 2012

School in Rexbuuurrrg.

Hello, hello!
We are officially back in school
and that is the reason for my absence. 
Here are our first day pictures. 
I really thought about re-posing for mine because I look short and stubby in my picture, but I don't think that's really what I look like.. I hope.

 It was nice and sunny in Rexburg, so that was nice.
This semester I'm taking 2 sewing classes- 1 is for kid clothes!
Can I just say that I die a little bit everyday in that class.
I feel like little anything just looks so cute. 
It's definitely making me baby hungry again, but hey.. I have a year left to graduate.
It's going to happen.

So besides the sewing, I'm also taking 2 cooking classes, a little home decor, some science, and I'm back in choir for the semester. I love to sing and it's been so long. 
Plus I kind of want to show off to my husband a little bit.

Speaking of my cute husband.. look!

One Wednesday night he went to play basketball at the gym.. 
2 hours later I get a phone call and my hubby comes home with crutches and a bag of ice :/
Poor guy. 
He always complains about guys who don't really play basketball that try to play and they always hurt someone. Looks like he was the unlucky one that night. 
The next day he called me while I was at school and he was on the couch. 
We planned a trip to Utah to see a doctor and get an mri. 
Another Utah trip. 
haha It was bound to happen eventually.
On the plus side we were able to visit his family and play games with everyone all weekend. 

After a long weekend of worrying, Monday we found out that it wasn't his acl! 
His pcl is torn, but still attached. He just has to do some 
physical therapy and he'll be healed in a few months.
He's a boy, so of course he's already walking on it like it's no big thang.

So that was our fun, very eventful first couple of weeks at school.
Hope everyone else is having a great week!


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