Dec 22, 2011

First two weeks of homelessness

Hello, hello!
So...  the past couple weeks have been crazy!
I had my last day working at preschool. I'm tellin ya, it is sad to say goodbye to so many cute faces. :( 
I'm going to miss them...

haha even though I look a little crazy..
Parents were coming so we had to get them out the door. I got my own little mittens 
that everyone signed. So sweet.

 Last time we talked I was crazy busy packing. Luckily we got that all done thanks to our wonderful friends and had a nice dinner before we left...

After Courtney helped me clean for hours and hours, our apartment was
finally clean and we were ready to leave. I'll miss this apartment. It was so big and nice for our little family.
After this picture we crammed ourselves into the little space left in our car
and we began our 14 hour drive.
Even after 5 minutes of the freeway I was already feeling claustrophobic.
Luckily Rocky IV adjusted quickly to life on the road...

He was such a good sport...
We stayed the night in Barstow and continued 
on our journey the next morning. Our poor bird was so sick of being in a car by that time. 
We finally got to Utah Saturday night. 
We had a great time with Stafford's parents and siblings. It's always a party when everyone's there.
We also were able to stop by the Timpanogos Temple which was our first temple after we were married...
 We also had a little love time throwing rocks in the back yard. It's important to have alone time when you're homeless and living with family for a month... haha
 ...  very important.

 After a wonderful week with Stafford's family, we flew to Arizona to hang out with his sister Steph and her cute family. Her son loves Stafford and if you ask me they totally look alike..

We had a blast with family and eating as much mexican food as we could.
Friday we flew to Portland to be with my family for Christmas. It's been a crazy couple of weeks, and we're excited to finally be settled in our new townhome. yay!


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