Nov 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!
Wow. I am really disappointed in myself for not taking more pictures of 
Stafford and my first Thanksgiving together. 
We spent today here in Fresno with some wonderful friends and their family.
Jennifer and Wyatt are like the sweetest people ever. We had a lot of fun just chatting all night.
Towards the end of dinner, it's funny what magically happens..
The girls are drawn to the kitchen while the men check out...  Black Friday sales?
Haha Stafford was really fixed on buying another TV. 
In his defense they were going really cheap, but there's always next year when we're not squeezing an entire apartment into our tiny little car.

After we left Wyatt's house we relaxed at home for a little and decided we would 
go check out some of the sales. 
We wanted to grab some Panda, but surprise surprise they were closed...
Del Taco?
Taco Bell?
What the heck? They're open everyday all day except Thanksgiving? 
That's a joke. So when we were just about to give up hope and go home we saw the Carl's Jr sign lit up. Hallelujah!
We grabbed a bite to eat and ran over to Walmart. 
holy cow was there a line or what?
There was no way we were waiting for that. 
Stafford laughed and said as we gave up on finding a parking spot..
"So it's not a good night to go browsing through Walmart." 
I laughed. Not a good night at all.
Oh well. We plan on spending the rest of our night on our bed playing Nintendo 64 :) yay!
Can I just tell you how much I love my husband?
a whole lot.


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