Nov 18, 2011


Hello, hello.  I'm excited to write this down finally. On October 8, 2010 it was another day in Rexburg. I was running late for class so I got ready quickly and grabbed a slim fast for breakfast. Jamie (my sister/roommate) yelled to me to grab something out of my cupboard, so I opened it and there was a rose with a cute note from Stafford. That made my day. A few days earlier I got kind of mad at him for not doing anything cute for me anymore- I figured he was just making up for that. I was so happy and showed my roommates right away. I then ran off to my class since I was already late. later that day I had English and my teacher handed me another familiar looking note. How sweet is he? He totally went out of his way just to make me smile. After my classes I walked home and had a couple hours to get ready for our date later that night. I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it, it was 2 random guys with another note! I made sure to look super cute that night because obviously he was making quite the effort. Right before he was supposed to pick me up, my mom sent me a picture message of a note he wrote!

He had really thought this through.  Stafford picked me up and we went bowling on campus. I found another note in my bowling ball!

After our game, we headed to Applebees (one of the few restaurants in Rexburg). As the waitress took us to our seats, we passed by our old bishop! Haha That was a surprise. We sat down in our own booth and after we ordered Stafford went to the bathroom. While he was gone the waitress brought me ANOTHER cute note :) He really wanted me to feel good. He was taking forever in the bathroom, and later he told me he was on the phone with his cousin basically freaking out.  When he came back we had a nice dinner. After dinner we ran back to his apartment which was empty- Don't tell BYUI, that's completely against the rules. We watched Forest Gump which I had never seen before.
We cuddled up on the couch until I had a phone call from Jamie. She said my FHE brothers had broken down on some road outside of town and she asked if we could go pick them up. I told Stafford and he begged me not to go. I told him it was the nice thing to do. He finally said ok. We called one of the guys and asked him where they were. We got in the car and headed out on a familiar road. I tried to call the guys again but they didn't answer. We pulled in to Beaver Dick park and went out on our dock while we waited. He pulled out one last note. It was front and back. It was the sweetest note ever. As I flipped to the other side I finally read "and if you say yes, it will be for eternity." I put the note down and he was down on one knee..  The moment every girl waits for. The knee. He asked me to marry him. I asked him if he was serious...  and then I saw the diamond.. He was serious. I said yes and we kissed. :) It was perfect. He did it perfectly. yay!


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