Nov 19, 2011

The Wedding

February 26, 2011 was the best day of my life. I woke up early to shower and get ready. I had an appointment for my hair at 7:30. My wonderful photographer, Mikael Monson, and I went so she could take pictures of me getting ready. She was so great, and so was my hairdresser Amy :)

My yummy breakfast..

It was so fun to be pampered. After getting ready, we were off to the Portland Temple. I was so excited. Mormon weddings aren't like other weddings. My mom had kind of told me how it happens so I had an idea. They had a beautiful brides room for me to touch up my hair and get dressed in. It was amazing. I want a room like that in my house. My mom helped me get my dress on and fix my curls. I had not seen my husband-to-be all morning. We finally met up and had a beautiful ceremony with all our family and closest friends. I remember being so excited the whole time. And I remember just wanting to kiss him the whole time. I was so grateful to have such wonderful people there. It was a beautiful experience.

MR. and MRS. finally!  We were so happy. When we got to the temple doors to walk out to our guests, the man opened the door and...  no one was there! Haha They had changed the door that weddings come out of and they must've been at the wrong door. Great.. our big first moment as a married couple and it was a mess up! Second time's a charm. We got ready to walk out the door again, and the cute old man thought it was enough time for all of our family including a grandma in a wheel chair to get down to the door, so he opened it up and...  they barely made it. Haha. Most of them were still on their way, so our big moment was still kind of rough-but oh well:)
So that was kind of embarrassing. We greeted our family and got the familiar group photo with all of our guests..

We're so happy so much of our family was able to come.

AND I'm grateful for my beautiful bridesmaids/sisters. It was so freezing.

After the temple, Stafford and I rode away and got lunch on our own. Of course we went to Red Robin (I was craving a burger-which is totally weird for me). It was nice to have some alone time on our wedding day. I thought it would be busy busy all day. After lunch we went back to my house where everyone was just hanging out. Then we loaded up and got ready for the reception- Party time!
It was absolutely perfect. My family and friends had been decorating for hours. My mom wouldn't let me help decorate and stress about it. It was beyond what I wanted. totally perfect.

Finally all the planning paid off. All you married ladies know what I'm talking about. It's ridiculous how much we stress. My poor mom.


I don't think I would be able to tell you what the food tables looked like without the pictures. We didn't get a chance to eat anything but the cake. Stafford was so hungry by the end of the night.

 I loved our cupcakes. They turned out perfect.

Yes, he did.

And then this happened...

Yes.. Someone put on "Tearin' Up My Heart" by N'Sync and groomsmen from all over the room went to the dance floor accompanied by my husband. It was like something out of High School Musical. I was kind of amazed. Stafford had told me he and his friends did a dance/lip synch for a talent show in high school. It was totally adorable. Luckily I had a front row seat.

Poor Jamie :/ haha

then my handsome man swept me away..
 But not without a goodbye from my beautiful mother.

And that was our wonderful night. It was absolutely perfect in every way. except for maybe our big temple exit.  It was amazing. Thank you to all the wonderful people who helped make it so beautiful. We love you!


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