Jul 25, 2011

Our Love Story

Stafford and I met at BYU-Idaho during the spring semester of 2010. LDS (Mormon) schools have something called Family Home Evening (FHE) groups. It's basically a way to meet people of the opposite sex while talking about the gospel. We were in the same group and he was definitely one of the cute ones, but he would always leave right after the lesson and go watch a game or do homework, so we didn't really get to know each other. About halfway through the semester he and a couple of his roommates came over to our apartment on a Sunday night to ask my roommate a question. I brought out my sewing homework and apparently that's a turn on for him :) Haha we started talking and hit it off right away.
Later that week we started messaging on facebook which led to him getting my number. He texted me a few days later and we had a date planned for that Saturday. He picked me up and we headed off to go get coldstone. We liked the same thing- cake batter ice cream with cookie dough and brownie mixed in. It was love. We sat and shared our ice cream, then went to the theater to see Knight and Day. It was really great. After the movie ended, Stafford said, "I feel like an unprepared missionary." It was before curfew and he didn't want to end our date too early. I didn't either. We ran back to his apartment to grab some coats then we drove out to Beaver Dick park. (Lovely name I know). We went out on the dock which was flooded a little so he gave me a piggy back to the end where it floated on top of the water. We sat and talked until just before midnight. We were almost late for curfew! I ran in my apartment and could not stop smiling. I even got away wearing his coat. I definitely fell hard for this guy.

After that date we spent everyday together for a week. That Friday night we made it official and finally kissed. I can't believe we held out so long! It was perfect. I met his family the following week- not thinking it would be that big of a deal since I had friends and family in Utah as well. During our dating life we had a hiccup and he broke up with me. LAME- I know. But we were only broken up for 2 days and he realized he couldn't live without me. We have loved each other ever since. Here are some of our early pictures together :)

This was right before he headed back to Utah for the Summer :(

 Don't worry honey.. I'll get the garbage.
Whenever Stafford came over the TV was always on sports.
My room mates were probably so annoyed.
including my sister.

 Mini golfing!
That's our love story. 
Read about the wedding here.


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