Nov 8, 2016

26 Weeks + From the Toddler's Mouth

I have been awful at posting this pregnancy. I blame the two toddlers and exhaustion. This time around has been similar to the last 2 by this point, except I think I'm feeling everything a little sooner.. The back aches came on strong after 20 weeks and that seems earlier than with the other two girls. I've also gotten crazy heartburn already and the waddling comes on later in the day. I am just so glad that everything is going well in there and baby girl is growing.
 I have another ultrasound tomorrow to make sure my placenta has moved out of the way- I had the same thing with Addie so I'm not too concerned at this point- and to get a few more measurements of baby's face since she didn't cooperate at our last appointment. I love any chance to peek at baby! 

The other day during Addie's nap time, McKinlee and I were laying on my bed feeling baby girl kick and I asked her what we should name the baby. She responded with "Matinlee (McKinlee)." I told her we couldn't have two McKinlee's because that would be confusing. I then rubbed my belly and said, "Hi (other name that we are considering)" and McKinlee copied me, but instead got real close and whispered as if to keep it from me, ""Hi Matinlee, your name's Matinlee and mine is ok? I love you Matinlee!" I started cracking up. I told her we weren't going to name the baby McKinlee. She then turned to me with a pouty face and said, "well can we name Adalyn McKinlee?" Oh my gosh this 3 year old you guys! She is so funny! 

McKinlee and Adalyn have been getting along so well lately and I have been dreaming of the day we have another baby in the house. I know it will be crazy and hectic, but I also know it will be a really sweet time in our lives. I can't wait!

Happy voting!


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