Jun 20, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Day at the Park

With summer finally here, my girls and I have been enjoying the sunshine. It gets pretty hot and humid here in Minnesota, so I try and plan activities accordingly. We love the splash pad (for at least the first 10 minutes), but McKinlee would much rather be at the park. We try and get out 3 or 4 times a week to explore different parks. To make it easier on me, we pack McKinlee's backpack with our essentials instead of my huge diaper bag. I always keep diapers and wipes in the car and pack the backpack with snacks, water bottles, and some milk for Addie. We also keep sand toys in the back of our car so we're ready to party at any given moment. -That sounded really dorky when I read it back, but that's just the stage of life I'm in! I'm embracing it.

I tend to wear comfortable clothes at the park. Shorts are a must in this heat and flip flops (these are my favorite) or sandals are perfect for the sandy parks we like to play at. For McKinlee, I LOVE these shoes! I want to get them in every size for both girls. They're like sandals, but way easier for her to put on by herself. Seriously order some today. They will change your life (Plus they're 40% off today with code JUNE40). I also love the biker shorts from Target and Old Navy's Mix & Match Tee's.  

As always, I love doing these link ups with other bloggers to see their choices. You can check out the other ladies below to see how they get ready for the park with their littles.

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Have a great Bachelorette Monday!!


  1. That pink looks great on you!

  2. Your girls are so cute! Love your outfit too!

  3. You looks so cute! I love that we matched :) My baby is only 9 months old and he wants to be outside all the time too! He'll crawl over to the door and start babbling, and if I open it and don't take him outside, it's like his world has ended ha ha. It's pretty humid here in Indiana as well, so that makes it hard for me ha ha. We have yet to discover the splash pads! I need to get out there!