Mar 25, 2016

Easter Baskets on a Budget

It's not a secret that we are on a student budget right now. It has been a fun challenge to make holidays as special as I want them to be. The girls are young, so I know they won't remember too much, but I will always remember if I let a holiday slip away. I tend to hold on to things-- every embarrassing moment I've experienced since 2nd grade usually comes to me as I try to fall asleep. It's fine. 

So back to the baskets... This year I'm going small with the actual basket and I found these adorable plastic ones at Target. Nearby I found adorable monogram letters that happened to match the colors I picked out. I thought it would personalize them nicely, and McKinlee is all about letters. She is also all about dinosaurs for some reason, so when I saw this cute little dig kit for $3 I had to snatch it up. In fact, almost everything in their baskets this year is from the dollar section at Target. Isn't that what it's for?? The bubbles were an obvious choice and the crayon kit seemed like the perfect answer for our church bag needs. A good friend of ours also dropped off a pot of flowers and McKinlee has LOVED watching the flowers bloom. I picked up these little growing kits for each of the girls and I think it will be a fun activity to look forward to. We may end up buying Strawberries and placing them on dirt if nothing grows, but hey- at least she'll have the excitement! The hats were the final piece and I debated between them and some bunny ears (othese really pretty ones if I weren't on a budget ;) but I figured the hats would probably last longer in our home.

Because we're going small on the baskets, we also decided it's time to get a game for McKinlee. I think she's ready for an organized sit down game we can play together. She loves this one, but we ended up going with Ker Plunk. I can't wait to see her face Sunday morning. I live for holiday mornings!

What are your traditions for baskets? Do you have any or do you switch it up every year? We'll see what sticks with us next year. Have a wonderful weekend!


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