Nov 14, 2015

Guest Post from a Missionary

Hey everyone! Who doesn’t love a guest post? My name is Jamie! I am Kelsi’s younger sister (favorite I might add wink emoticon ). I’m new at this, but wanted to share a little something with you. A little about me- I love dancing, food, and everything Hispanic. I laugh and smile a lot and I’m a Mormon. I served a mission for the Mormon (LDS) church in Chicago IL speaking Spanish for 18 months. I got home 5 months ago and miss it so much! I learned the language while I was there by studying my buns off and talking to everyone I could. Right now I am working until January when I can go back to BYU-Idaho to graduate, hopefully next fall (crossing my fingers).

I was reading in the Bible and reminscing about my mission. I was thinking of all the things that I had learned and that I had been taught; the things that changed me and the things I wrote down. A lot of being a missionary is trying to be “your best”. I have to admit, being “your best” gets confused with trying to be “the best”. How many times does that happen to all of us, missionary, mother, employee, student, etc., it happens! My point is there is council out there to us, ALL of us. Where ever we are, in whatever situation. We have people in our lives to help guide us in how to be “our best”! Reading a little of the counsel of Paul got me thinking of the many attributes Christ wants us to acquire. That is one of the reasons He came to earth- to be an example. He showed us SO many attributes that will only make us happier. Here are a few I picked out of 1 and 2 Thessalonians…
• Love others • Purity • Honesty • Humility • Meekness • Confidence • Hope • Faith • Compassion • Patience • Grateful • Positive • Service oriented • Supportive • Obedient • Integrity

I know this is a lot but all we need to do is take it slow. Focus on one or two at a time. I am going to try to work on 3 this week.
1. Humility 2. Compassion 3. Gratitude
Here is my plan… Every time I think of doing something for myself, think of 2 things I can do for someone else! Also to think of other people and ask them meaningful questions instead of telling them all about my life. Be more interested in their lives. Try to understand how someone could be feeling and try to sympathize with them! Lastly, I will always have a prayer of gratitude when I get in my car. I can be overly aware of when people do any type of service for me or others and acknowledge it. What are you going to work on? If we are not progressing, we aren’t standing still… we digress. If there is nothing to work on than how can we improve. 2 Thessalonians 3:11 “For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies.” How many of us are just like this? We are so so busy but with “stuff”. We do so much but nothing that really builds you or others up. We can say all we want that we are going to do this and that but how many times are we like this scripture? I promise you that if you take my challenge and work on an attribute, you can start to understand who the “best you” is! You might even be able to help others on your way. Pick an attribute and work on it… I dare you!


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