Apr 30, 2015

38 Weeks

How far along: 38 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 37 lbs.
Maternity clothes: I won't even attempt wearing anything else. That's a lie. I wore a pre-pregnancy skirt with a tie waste to church on Sunday and I felt absolutely ridiculous. Now I know. Maternity clothes when you're 38 weeks pregnant is best for everyone.
Sleep: It's rough still. It probably will be until we deliver. Ahhh! Only 2 more weeks!!  
Best moment this week: We celebrated my 24th Birthday over the weekend, complete with a cake baked AND frosted by Stafford. McKinlee is obsessed with "birthday parties" so she loves the cake and candles part of birthdays. She will sing "Happy Birthday" over and over. It's the cutest. This week I have also had spurts of energy, so I can get a few things done. I can't believe how little I've done, but it's been fun getting out more and more baby stuff and finding a place for everything. We are waiting to put out things like the swing and her rocking sleeper until she comes because I don't want them ruined by McKinlee yet haha.
Miss anything: My back pain is probably the most bothersome thing. That and being tired all the time. I'm excited to have my body back.
Movement: She loves to kick my right ribs and her little bum sticks out on my left side. It's pretty cute. 
Cravings: Chipotle, Tabasco, and sweets of any kind.
Symptoms: I've had a few cramps and moments of sheer exhaustion. I remember having that a lot with McKinlee too. I think I may have them check me at my 39 week appointment to see if I've progressed at all.
Looking forward to: Packing our hospital bags this week! It'll feel good to get that out of the way. I like to have it done ahead of time because I can see myself being so flustered and that will make me anxious when we get to the hospital. It will be better for my stress level if it's all ready to go and I've had time to double check it all.

Two more weeks! Can you believe it's finally here? I still want to take a few pictures before this pregnancy is over. I also want to deep clean my room and bathroom. Stafford has his last two finals on our due date and the day after, so he's hoping she'll come after and I'm hoping she comes in the week and half he has off to study before finals. That's a little selfish, but 9 months is a LONG time! Either way, she'll be here in less than a month!