Sep 3, 2014

Back to School, Back to School

Yesterday was Stafford's first day as a second year law student! I planned to have a clean house, relaxing morning and nice dinner on his first day which was supposed to be tomorrow since he had no classes meeting on Tuesdays. Then at noon he decided to change a class that started at 1 on Tuesdays and had to be out the door in a half hour! Talk about stressful! Haha so poor guy left after McKinlee had 3 shots, the house was a disaster zone (M's new favorite thing since being home is pulling out every book in our living room- yay!), and I didn't have all the ingredients for his favorite dinner. But alas we made it through another first day :)

With the change in plans, McKinlee and I were able to get some great playtime in. She slept off the pain of her shots and was back to her spunky self. She has gotten quite the little personality in the past 3 months. She soaks up EVERYTHING! I love it.

She really is my little best friend. I love that she is more independent in her play, but she is giddy when I am willing to get on all fours to play doggy with her. I hope you had a great back to school day too!


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