Aug 11, 2014

18 Months

Age:18 Months
Clothes: Still fitting into her 12 month and finally getting into her 12-18 month clothes! Learn from me and DON'T buy your baby clothes too far in advance! haha. I will now have 18 month skirts and short sleeve shirts that will fit her this winter.
Favorite Foods: Pasta, Peaches, PB&J's, apples, and chips.
Favorite Words: Hi, Nigh nigh, shoe, three (teee!), go (thank you "Let it Go"), and she currently calls Stafford, grandpa and grandma all da da, but in different ways. haha I'm still waiting for the day she uses mama for me. It's like she totally wiped it from her word bank. Please tell me it will come back!

Favorite Activities: Running through the sprinkler is a new favorite. She was so unsure of it at first and then after an afternoon with my little sisters, she was running around with a naked bum LOVING that sprinkler. She also enjoys climbing in and out of the kiddie pool, chasing around our cat and trying to kiss him (which he doesn't love at all).  It's been nice having a yard this summer and I think that has helped her in the mess department. She doesn't dump out all the tupperware here and I think it's because she has more to do than she does in our little apartment. By the way... this chapstick was the only way we could get through our pictures at our family reunion. Thanks Kasey for sharing and not minding a little toddler saliva :)
Least Favorite Activities: She absolutely does not like going to bed. The past 3 days have been the worst ever. She has always gone down easy with little attention at nap time and bed time, but lately she will hold on tight to us and yell and cry. It is so sad and I don't know if it's separation anxiety or being in the dark (which she's always slept in pitch black rooms with a noise maker). I'm kind of at a loss and I'm hoping it's a phase that she'll grow out of... soon.

Signature Moves: Giving kisses (and saying mah!), brushing her own teeth, and singing. She has started trying to do a somersault and will clap for herself after she falls to the side. It is pretty darn cute. She also loves rolling her arms like in pat-a-cake -One day Stafford was showing my sisters a magic trick and must have rolled his arms like that, so she picked up on it and we now tell her it's magic. She does it anytime Frozen's "Let it Go" song comes on. That song plays a big role in our lives haha.

 Favorite age so far? I think so! She really couldn't be a sweeter, more fun little girl. Having a toddler can be totally chaotic, but it is also so much fun. I just love this cute girl of mine!

Top: Carter's old- similar here
Headband:  Lovestrong Shop


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